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ONLINE WORKSHOPS: We are offering online intensives and sessions from April 2020. These intensives reflect the same objectives and information as in person workshops. We are able to offer more flexibility in time, group size and frequency. Please contact us on: info@thehudsoncentre.co.uk or 07939624790 for more information. 

Our workshops and programmes address the needs of those who have just begun a recovery process as well as those who have been on a recovery path and may have hit a plateau or are struggling with sobriety.

Participants will work on sensitive issues in a concentrated format which will increase momentum and long-term success.

Since workshops fill up quickly we encourage participants to make reservations in advance.

Featured Workshops

Two Day Bespoke Trauma Programme

This unique programme offers the opportunity for one individual to work with 2 highly qualified therapists in the field of trauma, for 2 consecutive days. The programme is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs and also includes a couple of one to one sessions with one of the therapist. Although, by its very own nature, each programme will be vary, the overall process will help you identified and heal deep wounds or old messages affecting your life today

Incorporating the work of Pia Mellody on Trauma and the Neuro-Affective Relational Approach (NARM), these 2 days will not only give you great relief from the numbness and/or pain you may have been carrying, it will also equipped you with the tools to become who you want to be.

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Three day Trauma Intensive Workshop

Led by Trauma Consultant Barbara Pawson, in collaboration with the Hudson Centre’s qualified therapists.

This programme focuses on healing the impact of developmental and attachment trauma, and exploring the roots of dysfunctional relationship patterns. You will have the opportunity to work and learn how to manage emotions and behaviours relating to childhood and attachment trauma, that negatively impact on you and your relationship with others. You will have the ability to identify and learn how to manage trauma responses and reactions

Incorporating the work of Pia Mellody on Trauma and the Neuro-Affective Relational Approach (NARM)

Upcoming Workshop:

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Please call us on: 07939 624 790 for more information.