Whilst the COVID-19 advice remains to stay at home, we are providing online and telephone psychotherapy to individuals and couples.


Do you feel hopeless at times, overwhelming sadness and have trouble sleeping? Learn how to understand these depressive feelings and cope with our treatment plans.


Do you find yourself irritable, and have excessively worried thoughts? We can help manage these anxiety symptoms when working with you.

Panic Attacks

Are there times you feel trembling, numbness in the extremities and have racing thoughts? Learn how to address these common panic and panic attack symptoms.

Eating Disorders

Are there many times you find yourself binge-eating or restricting food to an extreme? Discuss more with our therapists regarding any eating-disorder issues and concerns.

Welcome to The Hudson Centre Psychotherapy and Recovery

The Hudson Centre is built on the strong foundations four pillars that represent our core values and beliefs and that underpin everything we do.


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Our Core Values


Changing lives through self-esteem, support, insight, courage and hope


Therapists who are straightforward, warm and compassionate


Helping clients to break free from problematic and addictive patterns and to replace them with constructive choices


Transforming the lives of people affected by sexual addiction with a particular focus on life during and after Recovery

How can we Help?


Psychotherapy & Counselling

Everyone faces challenges and difficult situations in life and it is during those times that it helps to have someone to talk to. We invite you to come in and make an appointment with…


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT can help you to change how you think “Cognitive” and what you do “Behaviour”. These changes can help you to feel better. Unlike some of the other talking treatments…


Couples Counselling

Couples & Relationship Psychotherapy helps couples understand each other by improving communication and by exploring how to express feelings, manage…


Adult Family Therapy

The Hudson Centre helps families cope with any family situation that causes stress, trauma, anger or conflict. Family relationships can be difficult to navigate…


Psychosexual Counselling

If you suffer from a sexual problem, a relationship problem or both, you are not alone. At least 40 – 60% of all couples struggle with a sexual problem at some time…


Addiction Treatment

Sexual Addiction is the umbrella term used to describe the different number of compulsive sexual behaviours including but not limited to multiple sexual partners, pornography…

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